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Applicator for Detox Beads

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Prix d'origine €3,99
Prix d'origine €3,99 - Prix d'origine €3,99
Prix d'origine €3,99
Prix actuel €1,99
€1,99 - €1,99
Prix actuel €1,99

Beads not included in the package.

SUBLIM-APPLICATOR is an application for detox pearl allowing you to insert it as simply and efficiently as possible.

How to use it?

  1. Insert the bead into the cylinder. It should be on the side that is least open.
  2. Insert the rod into the cylinder with the narrowest side facing outwards.
  3. Introduce the whole thing into your vagina.
  4. Push the rod into the cylinder until the bead is expelled into your vagina.

Weight: 5 g.


We are committed to donating part of our profits to local charities in Africa and to supporting sustainable development through our choice of products and means of transport

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